I should start off by giving you a little info about my nails and my nail care habits so you will know for the rest of this series…

I've been going back and forth on acrylic nails, gel, and just your regular mani/pedis for about 10-15 years if not longer. I occasionally do my own nails when I am trying to save money or I find an Essie color I am in love with. 

A bad habit I have is changing my acrylics quickly. I don't really like nor get fills. I have a few times but I can count how many times on my both hands. This has made my nails very thin over the years, especially lately. Before this first salon review (coming next in the series) I had just gotten a full set who made my nails extra thin, partially because the salon before who did my gel had already thinned them more than I would have liked just because they used a sander (the one for the acrylic nails) instead of a file and buffer. 

I also like my toe nails cut short and when I say, “short” I mean I want to pull my foot away because you are hitting skin when you file. This normally means I have to cut them before I go in so they will just file them but I forget since my visits tend to be impromptu. I know this is unusual for most people but I just like them that way. Plus it means I can spend less money on getting them done because I get them done less frequently than my nails. What is also great about this is it helps with my slight ingrown toe nails because they automatically cut the edges where that starts. 

Last but not least, I am a walk in kind of girl. I rarely make appointments. Which would be when I am going with someone, when I used to go to school dances or special occasions, and this one location I love in San Jose, CA which I know tends to get really busy. Plus, I just don't know when I am going to actually go and where since I change locations frequently so appointments are not that practical for me.

Now for the reviews…

I will be giving you a back story of each visit. This well help you know the processes they take and the details of the visit. 

An overview at the end. This will cover the main points I have talked about thru my review that would be helpful if you are looking at going to this location. As well as a shorter look if you aren't a details kind of person or may be in a rush that day to read everything. It’s also great to go back and look at if you end up visiting the area. 

I will also be adding an “I will go here again…” This is pretty much a sentence at the very end which would explain what I would go here for. This is like my star rating and gives you the basic what I think that location is good for or specializes in.

There will also be a section featuring the progress of my nails which I will try and do as often as I can either in the main review or a followup review depending when I post. This is just an updated overview of what my nails are looking like and how they lasted about a week from getting them done.

I hope that these reviews are fun for you to read and help to find new places to go if you are in search of a salon location. I would love your feedback to know other things you would like to know or any questions you may have that I can help answer. 

Thanks for reading, I'll be seeing you... Au Revoir!