Vacaville Lux

Nails & Spa

3085 Alamo Dr, Vacaville, CA 95687

This location is pretty easy to find and even has a sign for walk-ins. It is accented with purple and seems really chic compared to the minimalistic places I am used to frequenting. They have two different set ups for pedicures and two for manicures. For the pedicures they have either a couch like section with tubs for the feetagainst the left wall which seem more modern and then the massage chairs with a soaking tub in the front left which I tend to see in most salons. For the manicures they have a high top bar like table which fits multiple people in the back right hand corner and then singular work stations near the front right. 

Once I walked in I was seated within minutes which I wasn't surprised since only one other person was inside and she was already getting her nails done. However, there were only two people working but it was a Tuesday at about 10am so I can see why. Both peoples were polite but not really friendly. They both spoke okay/some english. 

I wanted a gel mani & pedi and I already had a full set on and a gel pedi. I was set up in a massage chair for the pedi first. I kinda wished I had been put on the couch to try it out but I think they only use that area when they are busy. It took a good amount of time to get the gel off since they wrapped it in foil rather than sanding it off but that is how I prefer it so I didn't mind. I was set up with a huge basket of colors to pick from and couldn't have been happier with the selection. I think it’s the largest selection I have seen or been given to choose from.

From here came the part I normally have problems with, the length of my nails. I did have to ask multiple times for them to be cut back and rounded in the corners where they are slightly ingrown. I didn't get them rounded as much as I would have liked but it was the shortest Ive had them cut back in a long time, since most places wont do it as short as I would like.

Once everything was getting filed I was asked what kind of pedicure I wanted. I was given a sheet with the offers they have. The prices slightly varied depending on what you wanted. I decided on a general pedicure with a few extras like a hot stone massage. This was valued at $35. 

The final product was nice. I got a black color gel with no extra designs and was happy with the result. The massage was really nice and relaxing however I did get poked a couple times during the filing.

Meanwhile, the other woman I was telling you about that was getting her nails done asked to stop her pedicure (since she had already finished her mani) before it was finished due to the fact she had to go pick up her daughter and it took longer than she had expected. The woman working did prorate her which I thought was a nice gesture. Also, another woman had come in & ended up leaving because she was asked to wait 30 mins and then the woman she wanted to work with wasn't working till the following day. 

Back to my nails. 

Like I said I had a full set on minus one nail which had popped off during the weekend when pulling up a zipper. While I was doing my pedi they tried to start getting my set off. This was PAINFUL. I’ve had some bad experiences getting my nails off before since I do switch them quickly but this was pretty bad (do keep in mind, like I had mentioned previously, my nails are very very thin at this point). On one of the nails she started ripping the nail itself rather than just the acrylic off. With all the problems she was having I would have expected her to soak them but that was far from what happened. She tried cuticle cutters, fake nails (which you normally use to start acrylics), her fingers, and a cuticle pusher. I was close to saying something but I refrained. After all that she only ended up getting one or two off and decided to wait till the pedicure was over and said they would just sand them down. 

Once I moved to the nail table I was then poked and prodded a ton to get my set off. Needless to say most of them came off and a couple ended up being sanded down. At this point I was ready to go. I wanted my nails done because I was no longer enjoying myself.

I had chosen a gold color gel which on the sample looked gold with black tones & wanted some black crystals on my ring ringers. I had asked about the crystals and was told they didn't have any black. She did continue to look to make sure and still came back with the same response. I asked to look at the crystals to see what colors were available to see if I could find one to match. At this point I was kinda bummed because I had picked the black on my toes so everything would match assuming they had the crystals I wanted. It wasn't the best to assume but because they had a whole shelf of nail crystals and samples I just figured they would. Anyway, once I started looking thru the jar of them I found black ones so I shook thru them till I found enough to make a line down each nail since they didn't seem that willing. The person I was working with started laughing a little at me trying to find them which was fine I was being picky and it made me laugh a little also. They did prime my nails with a clear gel before they applied the color and I needed three coats of color to get a crisp look. 

At this point another woman came in to get a mani/pedi and was seated in a massage chair for her feet first. It took a little bit to get her settled in because she couldn't understand the girl working very well. However, she was older but she did mention at one point how she had been coming to that location for years so I am surprised they didn't already know one another. 

My nails were finally finished but I didn't get a hand massage which I know with acrylics sometimes places don't but to my recollection I haven't not been given one with gel. It is possible they were trying to get me out also since I was coming up on being their for THREE HOURS! 

As for the prices, as I was being charged I was told, it was $45 for toes (I assume $10 more compared to the price on the sheet because of the gel) and then told $35 for nails. However, I don't know if he just switched the prices by accident while he was saying it. I do tip so I always ask about adding it to the card because sometimes you can not write it in addition. Unless I am paying with cash. (Side note: if you don't often go to nail salons I do recommend you ask if they take card before you sit because sometimes they do not.)

Once I was outside I did notice the gold color gel was very gold and I don't know if it was because of the lighting or that they may have primed the sample with black but it was different than I had expected. However, it was pretty and I still liked it.

It has now been a week and a day. My manicure is destroyed! The crystals started falling off the day I got them done and I am surprised a couple still remain. My nails have torn in multiple places and I have had to remove part of my nail to keep from tearing too short. I will say though, in most cases when my nail rips the gel will remove over most the nail leaving me with barely any color. This time the color has stayed on evenly in the ripped areas and only chipped in a couple spots. However, my pedicure is looking great. It has grown out ever so slightly but I am happy with it and see no chipping.


~ This was the longest it has taken me to get my nails done, give or take ten mins, 3 hours long. 

~ $80 for gel man & pedi, this is average-high for me (Yes, I do splurge on getting my nails done often but it’s my special treat.)

~ Location: Pretty, relaxing, modern/chic

~ Staff: Polite, some/okay english

~ Walk-Ins: Yes

~ Only one person was going to have to wait on the Tuesday I went. They take their time with each client so the turn over is longer but it didn't have a heavy flow of people, very much the opposite. 

~ Takes credit cards

I would go here again….

if I have time to spare and want to get a pedicure & relax.

Thanks for reading, I'll be seeing you... Au Revoir!