Hello Everyone!

This week has been pretty simple which has been really nice especially since a few family members in my household have been sick and I am trying so hard to stay sick free. I am even taking Airborne and let me tell you Airborne is not my jam. I did have to take my car in to get serviced so I got a rental car. The first car I got to rent myself now that I'm 25! Feeling like a big girl. Haha.

Monday was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday which would normally mean a day off for most but for me it was just a time to check awesome quotes on Instagram. Then on Wednesday I had to take a trip to the DMV which doesn't annoy me as it does most & unfortunately I was their because of my own stupidity anyway. I lost my registration. Sad face.

Found on Instagram from @khloekardashian

Found on Instagram from @khloekardashian

Something fun that we did during the week though were puzzles. My sister had got a box of four puzzles & I am a girl who likes to weirdly challenge myself and I hate seeing puzzles unfinished. Obviously, I then had to finish them quickly. The first one we opened was done in about 4 hours, mind you they are Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles at 500 pieces each. The second one was opened the next day and seemed harder than the first so it wasn't finished till the following morning. The other two I have hidden in the corner so I don't feel the need to complete them this week.

Hope you all are enjoying the first month of the year as it is already almost behind us. I can not believe how fast time flies.

Thanks for reading, I'll be seeing you... Au Revoir!