I tend to go a lot of places and I like to be out by the beach, this particular day I was craving the beach, so we planned on making our way over. Unfortunately, we ended up running a little late and because we currently live a good drive inland we wouldn't make it in time for golden hour. So instead we made our way to this lovely mountain top. It's a semi hidden gem in the suburbs. 

I love going here for the light. The rays shine through the trees ever so perfectly and the hill is just high enough that you can enjoy the view without looking into someones back yard. Also, the hike up isn't bad at all. 

It was a nice time to enjoy our little family time and take some photos of the little. I ventured a little further to the neighboring hilltop this time & got a good view of the city and also of my man wondering around shooting, as you can see in a couple photos here. 

Sometimes it's the unexpected things that lead to the best memories. I recommend everyone takes a stroll around the corner or down the street, you never know what amazing places you may find. Also, it is important to have time with family and loved ones because that time is precious and it's time you won't regret spending. Hope you enjoy these photos and thanks for reading, I'll be seeing you... Au Revoir!