Colored Eggs by Catherine Alyce

Colored Eggs by Catherine Alyce

Mornings bring out the groggy and lazy parts of me. It is the time of day that reminds me of how much of a coffee addict I am. I used to be such a night owl and even though I tend to not stay up till 3-5 AM anymore, I am still not a morning person.

I wake up early for a quick 30 minute Instagram stroll around 4 AM because of other people's schedules and then I fall back asleep until it is time to get up and make breakfast. This consists of cereal on most days with a splash of eggs or something else on those days I feel a little more peppy. However, it tends to be a pretty light meal (the only light meal I eat a day) and may consist of only coffee some mornings. 

Breakfast, however, is one of the best meals I cook. Which is why breakfast on the weekends (when everyone is home) tend to be bigger; if I'm not out venturing and if I am cooking. I must say I am not much of a cook, even though I do try. I am lucky because my mother is a great cook. She does a lot of "white/american" traditional foods. If I have a question I can always call and ask but that doesn't always mean it will turn out the way it was meant to. 

Going back to breakfast.. it is one of the easiest meals NOT to mess up!

I started making breakfast when I was in elementary school, I think. By making, I do mean actually preparing (myself), otherwise I would have been younger because I always tried to help; but I think eating the cookie dough and spilling milk all over the counter isn't much help in the end!

My specialty became: Cereal! Peanut butter on toast! & Eggs! I picked up making eggs pretty quickly and with learning the basics, then special tricks from my grandparents, soon after I was cracking eggs one handed. Which I don't think I can do anymore.

Ironically, eggs are one of the only foods I rarely eat. I don't crave nor want them much but I am sure good at whipping them up. Maybe I'll share some recipes in upcoming blogs or maybe I'll have to write a cook book for the oven burning inclined! 

Thank you all for reading, I'll be seeing you... Au Revoir!