I want to create, to build, or make something greater than me. Something sustainable, thru anything. It is hard to consider my life as something so small and insignificant. I want to be more than that, as many of us do. We want to be special- which is why we love movies like "Harry Potter", "Blind Side", and "Captain America". We take everything as life or death in our everyday moments and yet seem to never consider how small we actually are in this larger picture. We are but one piece in a gallery of work.

Pessimistic? Maybe.

Humans have tried to sustain an individual way of life for hundred and hundred of years and as life continues in the world we continue to change what was, to our present. Kings worshiped Gods and created these great temples which were to withstand time. Noah built a ship to withstand the greatest storm. Today we build larger buildings & even greater cities, in hopes our childrens children will be able to live in prosperity. We only see remains of so many places that once stood tall among beings. Yes, some have withstood till now - but for how long will they remain? 

What can you create that is greater than a 100 lifetimes? More meaningful than 1000 lives? Is what we do, supposed to mean more? Is the world meant to eventually crumble? Is our only purpose to create happiness for ourselves? 

Theologists only continue to yearn for an answer to these great questions yet the meaning of life still remains unanswered; no matter how we got here. Everything is a question. Everything is an if. The possibilities seem endless. However, today may be the day that answers it all.

Maybe, just maybe. . .