San Francisco & Big Sur | California

Some people are meant for travel while others love to be homebodies. Either way sometimes we just have to stop & explore. Wether it be to travel the world or getting lost in a book and exploring the minds of imagination.

My exploration consists of the city around me along with the occational disappearances elsewhere. I love getting lost in the fog of San Francisco especially in the summer when the scorching heat takes over the neighboring towns. It is unbearably hot & let me say that I was made for a cooler climate. I love taking drives to the coast and venturing down Highway 1 thru Monterey, Carmel, and past Big Sur to the Central Coast. 

I would love to one day be passenger in a cute little T-top or vintage convertible ("I'm a nineties baby in my eighties Mercedes." -Maren Morris) getting lost not only on back roads to little creeks and outstanding views but in the moments an adventure leads to.

My Grace Kelly moment with a scarf holding my hair back. How exquisite it would be. The rustling of the trees as the wind pushes past and the smell of the ocean lingering on my clothes. As we listen to the waves crashing on the rocks on the cliffs below.

The seaside calls to me.

What place calls to you? Better question, what path will you wonder next?

"On a journey to the unknown & I'm okay with a little mystery."