An Orange Grove | California

Sometimes the best places to shoot are stumbled upon. This particular weekend Christian and I ventured off in search of some landscapes. I must admit I was more along for the ride than anything but I was excited for whatever was to come.

I think it is always helpful to have an open mind when looking for a great shot or place to shoot because you aren't disappointed for what you don't find and see what is around you as an opportunity rather than a failure. 

Anywho, we ended up passing this orange tree grove on the way to our destination. I had said something about it but decided not to stop. To my benefit we ended up turning around because the snow had prevented us from getting to our planned stop. We made it back to this grove before the light had set and this time I decided to stop. After all I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I had a blast shooting the last light in here. The only thing I was missing was a model but I enjoyed it either way. Something about the pop of color of fruit and trees that I love. Not only that is was something different to my everyday views.

I was very much pleased with the shots and wanted to share. I hope you enjoy my couple favorites.