Everyday I wake up to find myself rolling out of bed wishing I could sleep longer. I am by no means a morning person. However, I love the feeling of not wasting time. Whenever I find myself getting up extra early or maybe awake to photograph a beautiful sunrise I feel happier & more vibrant than ever. My favorite mornings are those filled with fog, dew dripping on all the blades of grass beneath my feet, the need of having a blanket bundled upon my shoulders to keep me from shivering, and as I exhale a cloud of heat is exposed in front of me as if it were tangible.

These are the productive days. Now I don't mean that in the sense of getting chores done or another piece of work completed. I mean it in the sense of feeling accomplished, feeling like that moment of happiness is worth living. I am one of those theoretic people in which I contemplate the meaning of life on a rather consistent basis especially after losing my mother this year. That being said I love finding hidden beauty, the beauty stored in moments that make me remember that its okay to just live. Watching the smiles on peoples faces turn into laughter makes me feel complete.

Those are the enjoyable moments. The ones that make me live for each day, to live in today. Not worried about what is to come and why. Taking each moment and each day as in comes individually and doing all that I can with it. Filling every part of my day with something even if it is sadness because with sadness comes even greater happiness.

Today is my day to live. Join me.

"I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy." -Tony Robbins