Eastern Sierras | CALIFORNIA

Hello, you fine people you!

I am still feeling out my blog a little bit but I keep finding (at least thru some of my other social media) people asking more about me. Who I am & even what I look like since most of my photos are of other people and my adventures. I am a real person and sometimes social media makes it seem like a persona or fake. I thought this series could be really interesting by sharing a little bit more about myself but also having more of a personal connection with you when touching on other topics. Overall, I hope you all like this little YouTube series and continue on a journey with me as a passenger in my daily life.

In this first episode I talk about the possibility of road rage and how my musical talent is non existent. I talk about a beautiful bridal shower I attended, which was overall amazing (can't you tell by how many times I say amazing?!). I also touch on some other things like being shy & a blog post I read about being safe when traveling alone.

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*The title photo is from the Eastern Sierras the video however is not. It is filmed in my little Honda around town.*