I had a weekend filled with many beautiful memories, including this sunset in Pacifica. It was a last minute decision that led us here but it was the best decision. We have had some amazing sunsets in the bay area lately and the best seats are those on a beach.

We happened upon the 30th anniversary of fog fest when we arrived, which made parking a little bit of a pain so we ended up paying but it went to a group of boy scouts & being a girl scout myself I was happy to contribute especially for a closer spot. We were just a block or two down from the festival which was filled with people drinking, listening to music, and shopping. It was one of the largest street festivals I have been to which was nice to enjoy for a little bit.  

We continued to our original destination of choice, the pier. It was full of people fishing from above and enjoying the view however the beach below was pretty vacant, which is always my preference. The downside though of being without a tripod and only having my boyfriend and I to photograph is a lack of subject. Don't get me wrong I love a landscape/beach shot but sometimes the light is perfect and you just envision someone standing in the spotlight. In other words I get to work up some extra courage and be a creeper on the beach asking random strangers to take their photo. Thankfully this couple welcomed my randomness and allowed me to do so.

Even though I didn't take any photos of the red and pink lit sky it was very magical. The darkness overtook us in no time and we found ourselves walking back to our car with only the light of the street lamps to guide us. That is until we decided to pull out the flashlight app on our phones. 

Thank you all for reading, I'll be seeing you... Vroom Vroom!

"The waves danced before me unlike anything I had seen before. A moment of true beauty, as the waves kissed the shore. They moved about me as if I didn't exist. They continued on dancing- so elegant & swift."

-Catherine Alyce