Day Three: Sunday, October 18th

Our day at the Blue Lagoon


The day started later than expected because we decided to sleep off the rest of our jet lag. We woke up about 10am which gave us an hour to get ready to leave by 11am and make it to our appointment by 12pm at the Blue Lagoon. On the way we did make a quick stop at the bakery that we had stopped at on the way into Reykjavik, the bread sounded so good. I’m actually craving it right now also. Anyway, we continued on and arrived right on time. The Blue Lagoon is actually pretty close to the international airport too so if you are traveling it’s a good place to go once you arrive or when you are going to fly out. 

Once we parked we got our stuff and hurried to the doors because let me tell you it is cold, especially when their is some wind. Unfortunately the line was past the doors… or so we thought. I walked in to check how the lines were separated and noticed the line which we needed was the short one next to it. Yay! Thank you premium experience. They do have four different prices depending what you are looking for. With our package (per person) we got a robe, towel, flip-flops, one free drink, a dinner reservation at Lava & a free glass of champagne at the restaurant. While at the Blue Lagoon you get a chipped wrist band to wear which makes it easy to charge extras so you don't have to carry anything with you. It is also used to lock your locker in the changing area.

Once we got all checked in we continued to the locker rooms going our separate ways. Now from here it is easy to find a place to put your things and change into a swimsuit (they have some available for rent just in case you forgot yours). Keep in mind you are supposed to shower before entering the lagoon but they don't make it mandatory. However, all you ladies and men with longer hair they do recommend you put a lot of conditioner in your hair because the silica in the water makes it crispy and a lot harder to manage, which I did notice myself. From the locker rooms they do have entry straight to the lagoon so if you are meeting someone from the opposite gender just plan on meeting there, it’s easy to find one another that way. 

From here we went straight to the outside and hung up our robes and made our way into the water. I was surprised on the temperature especially considering I thought it was supposed to be hotter, don’t get me wrong it was hot just not 90 degrees hot. I then realized as we made our way around, the water temperatures seem to very. Certain areas would adjust more than others but they seem to be consistently letting hotter water in and as it cools the process is repeated. This is nice especially for those people who like warm water compared to hot jacuzzi water.

In a couple spots around the lagoon you can find these cases with buckets of white goo. These are filled with a type of silica face mask which is really good for the skin. You put it on wait for 15 minutes as you enjoy your time and then wash it off. I don't know how many times it is recommended for you however I did it twice throughout the four hours we were wondering around and my face was feeling silky smooth when I was done.

Making our way around we noticed that people had water proof cases on their phones and obviously having to have our phones on us to take pictures it seemed more and more ideal. After asking where to purchase them I made my way to the inside bar and purchased a couple. It was perfect timing because I also needed to go back into the showers to put more conditioner in my hair. (I repeated this process a couple times.) 

As I rushed back into the warm water, I found Christian as he sat waiting for me and we made our way to the pool bar. We decided to get a couple of the yummy strawberry smoothies which we devoured pretty quick. We continued to check out a couple more areas of the lagoon and noticed 16:00 was approaching fast and we needed to get to the waiting area for our massages.

The time had arrived, I was so excited to get this massage. It was unlike any I had had before. We each got a relaxing massage. What they do is lay you on a floaty pad which acts as a bed and they massage you as you float around this private section of the pool. They also use some essential oils. What was really nice was the fact that it started mildly raining a couple times which made it all more relaxing. They also put a wet blanket over you and continuously dip you into the water so you stay warm. 

Once we were done with our pampering we had a half hour to get ready and make our way to the restaurant, Lava. We ended up taking some pictures before returning to the locker rooms to get ready which made us a little later for our reservation. Thankfully they had a lot of open tables since dinner hadn't really kicked in yet which ended up being perfect for us. We got our champagne, a semi-sweet for me and really sweet for Christian. I thought I would splurge a little to continue our day of pampering and got the Chef’s menu including a cod, beef, and desert plate. Christian got a plate of cod (which differed from mine) and the same desert plate. We ended up going thru three plates of bread which I do have to say may have filled us up more than we had hoped but when it was time to leave I was perfectly satisfied. 

    We ventured thru the gift store and then made our way to the car. The drive back was hard to make because we were both tired and very comfortable after just eating and relaxing all day. Once we got back to the hotel (Luna Hotel Apartments, room 205) we went straight to sleep. 

Overall, our day was incredibly enjoyable and everything I could have imagined. I almost want to book it all over again for the last day we are here! For anyone contemplating, I would easilyrecommend taking the day and pampering oneself like we did. I know Christian wasn't really excited about taking the whole day originally but I know he was glad I talked him into it in the end. I think he may have even enjoyed it more than me. It was an experience for each of us and even better to do together.

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for the rest of the trip!

** All photos of me taken by Christian Becerra & all the shots in this section are iPhone **